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If you know what you want then you go and you find it and you get it

No one waits when fortune intervenes

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Succinctly, she types, "Lorinne talks about herself in the third person."

Supplementally, she adds, "Lorinne is a skilled actress, focused on character, infused with passion, and incongruously invested in intellectual pursuits."

Superfluously, she reiterates, "Lorinne indulges in repetitive redundancies."

Lorinne's flickrish world

My nom, Ennirol, is pronounced "any role", accent on the first syllable. It is, of course, "Lorinne" spelled backwards, and describes me quaintly to boot. Depending on my fluctuating levels of hubris and desperation, it means that I can perform any role, or conversely, that I would take any role.