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Hi, everyone!  This is my "there will be NPL photos soon (this weekend, probably) and some (or a lot) of musings about Conorado which was PHENOMENAL but I'm currently in Lexington, Kentucky at the International Jugglers' Association Festival and I learned to pass clubs yesterday, WOOHOO!!!" post.
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I'm off to the ACPT!

I'm leaving for the Marriott shortly.  May I say, I am totally excited, and every bit as giddy as last year (my first time in attendance/competing).  I use the word "competing" here lightly - I'm hoping to beat my personal placement, percentage-wise, but I haven't been in intensive crossword training lately.

I have, however (sandwiched between small bites of the very entertaining book "No Applause - Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous") been enjoying Amy Reynaldo's book and Peter Gordon's Hall of Fame Crosswords.

I'm so excited to see a bunch of just an hour or so!  Much luck to everyone.  A special shout-out and virtual rabbit's foot (or charm of your choice) goes to the one whose nom rhymes with Munch Toy.
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My arms are hopelessly bruised, yet happily so, from my first several days of trying to learn how to juggle clubs.

Oh, you are so surprised about my color choices.
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Evil I did dwell, lewd did I live.

Congratulations to Palindrome, MIT Mystery Hunt 2008's constructing team (and last year's winners).  Your hunt was lots of fun, and my first, so you hold a special place in my heart.  Naturally.

Lorinne likes to take photos and have photos taken (that's not a palindrome, but anyone wanna attempt one along those lines?  My nom totally lends itself to bookending one).

Go Midnight Bombers!!!  Click through for my flickr photoset (rather Evil, she chuckled amiably):

More writings to come.  BOOM!
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Someone bought a new camera...

I purchased a Canon SD850 (chosen based on recommendations and suggestions from friends, plus online chatter) a few weeks ago, and it was a perfect time for such an acquisition, since I happen to have a few new craft projects to show off!  Feel the new camera love.

Click through to see the shots on Flickr.

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Black hair

Knott's Nostalgia

I suppose there are only a few folks on my flist (though, to be fair, who knows?) who remember the place, but I just discovered (several years late) this sad news:

They removed the Haunted Shack attraction (originally built in 1954) from Knott's Berry Farm in 2000.  I discovered this tragic happening while reading the Wikipedia page on Knott's Berry Farm, which was up because of a conversation lunchboy and I were having about theme park mascots (Knott's has used Peanuts characters since the early 1980's).  Then I discovered that the exciting and weird Wacky Soap Box Racers were also gone (and I hadn't realized that they, so retro-seeming at the time, were themselves a replacement for the earlier Motorcycle Chase ride, 1976)!

There was a time when holdyourbatboy and I would discuss rollercoasters a lot, and Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Knott's were very important places.  Anything "Haunted" was of great importance to me - which brings me to another subject: the fact that they re-theme Disneyland's Haunted Mansion every Christmas.  And to that I say, with true holiday (wait for it...) spirit (groan): "Oy."
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Quite chuffed.

Take pains. Be perfect. Adieu!

A Midsummer Night's Dream closed on Saturday night. Thanks to all who came!

Here's our esteemed cast after the final performance:

To show our simple skill, that is the true beginning of our end.
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm a busy busy bee right now (and yes, I know you're very sensitive to bees).  *grin*

Would you like to come see Lorinne Lampert perform/sing/dance/wear funny and/or pretty costumes/manipulate puppets/ham it up?

Of course you would.  Would you like to see her do that in a theater setting?  "Yes", again, is your inevitable answer.

First up: Thursday, November 29: A Flanders and Swann House Party (our second reading of the show, this time at the York Theatre).  It's absolutely charming and the puppets (there are new ones since the August show, too) are stunningly cool.

Next: Opening Thursday, December 6 and running through Saturday, December 15: A Midsummer Night's Dream (9 performances).  I'm so, so proud to be a part of this.  It's Tuckaberry's biggest production yet, and is brimming with entertaining performances and fabulous creative energy from our director and designers.

Are we all met?

For the holidays: A Very Tuckaberry Christmas (first engagement on Saturday December 16, then at the Impact Theater from Thursday December 20 through Saturday, December 22).  Come spend an evening with the Tuckaberries and festive silliness, pretty holiday harmony, and...more puppets.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I hope you can attend one or all of these fun shows.  If you're out of town, well...I'll keep you in the loop.  *smiles*
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Masters, spread yourselves!

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be appearing in Tuckaberry Productions' winter presentation:

A Midsummer Night's Dream!

First read-through was last night.  It's a wonderful cast, and the show is sure to an absolute blast to be in and to see.  I'm playing Petra Quince (Peter Quince), the well-intentioned but rather inept director of "Pyramus and Thisbe", as well as Peaseblossom the fairy.

I'm also excited to applaud my friend Aaron Zook - he has his photo in the New York Times today in the review of his current show, "Twelfth Night of the Living Dead".  I'm planning to see it tomorrow.

As far as Halloween, well, I was extremely pleased with my costume.  Amusingly, it so happens that
miriam1978 (independently) came up with the same costume idea this year.  We're hoping to get pictures together tomorrow...:-).
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