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I'm very pleased to announce that Lorinne Lampert will be playing the role of The Drowsy Chaperone in...The Drowsy Chaperone!  Opens January 29th at The Gallery Players!

This is a role originated on Broadway by Beth Leavel (who went on to win a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for her performance).  In Toronto (prior to Broadway), the role was played by one of the show's (multiple award-winning) writers, Lisa Lambert.  Fun fact: Geoffrey Rush played Man in Chair in the original Australian production!


Hello!  This video is from a performance I did for an Independence Day show at the Coney Island Museum.  I had a grand old time.  Happy July everyone!


Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Debut and Wonderful Review!

Hello friends!  Last night I performed at the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Variety Show.  Here are two pics (click through for flickr page):

Trav S.D., theater and vaudeville authority and scenester says: "The dynamo of the evening was Lorinne Lampert, who debuted her long-promised turn and knocked this correspondent’s socks off. Now I know why it took her so long. She has been working on it. I’m sorry, everybody else, this is how it’s done. A whirlwind of energy, she takes the stage in character and costume, radiates a funny persona that’s like a distilled version of her real life personality (with some Betty Hutton thrown in), sings standards like the stage veteran she is (but with more humor, personality and flair than most any musical theatre performer I’ve encountered), tap dances and plays the uke (both in turn, and then at the same time — that’s her Wow finish). [...]  ...she’s my idea of a vaudevillian. Look for more of her onstage, because if I don’t have the good luck to present her, I intend to steal every one of her moves (except the blue teddy). It’ll probably give me a heart attack."


Outer-borough bums, Brooklyn born and they are, ladies and gentlemen!

I'm so very pleased to announce that I will be appearing in this jazzy, smart, darkly comic new musical at Gallery Players this fall.

Top of the Heap

October 24 – November 8th, 2009 – Limited engagement!

Music by Jeffrey Lodin
Book and Lyrics by William Squier

Producer: Heather Siobhan Curran/The Gallery Players
Director: Neal J. Freeman
Music Director: Lilli Wosk
Choreographer: Katharine Pettit
Set Designer: Ann Bartek
Associate Set Designer/Props Master: Elyse Handelman
Costume Designer: Megan Q. Dudley
Assistant Costume Designer: Tracy Klein
Lighting Designer: Tsubasa Kamei
Video Designer/Supervisor: Nicholas Meyer
Production Stage Manager: Caitlin Orr
Assistant Stage Manager: Janice Acevedo
Assistant Director: Allison Bressi

The Cast

Ronny Mauro – Kenny Wade Marshall*
Gil Webster – David Perlman*
Elsa Orwell – Anette Michelle Sanders*
Meryl Dean – Hollis Scarborough*
Coochie Kovack – Lorinne Lampert*
Edgar Callahan – James Andrew Walsh*
Harmon Laybourne – Greg Horton*
Sidney – Ray Bendana*
Joey/Ensemble – Roy Flores
Phyllis/Ensemble – Tina Marie Casamento*
Ensemble – Josh Bates, Ronn Burton, John Cardenas, Kristin Farrell*, Carolyn Hartvigsen, Natasha Soto-Albors*
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

I'm positively thrilled!

Here's the pitch!Collapse )
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I want a ball!  I want a party!

Get an eyeful of this!

I'm hyper-excited to announce that I will be appearing this August in:

Far Out - the New Sci-Fi Musical Comedy!

Five performances only:
Saturday August 22 at 7:30 pm
Wednesday August 26 at 8 pm
Thursday August 27 at 4:15 pm
Saturday August 29 at 5 pm
Sunday August 30 at 2:45 pm

All performances will be performed at the beautiful Minetta Lane Theater
18 Minetta Lane (between 6th Avenue and MacDougal Street).

Our cast is amazing.

The show is awesome.

It's positively outta sight!
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Gotta dance!

Thoroughly Modern Millie opens this Saturday!

Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan
New Music by Jeanine Tesori
New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan

Producer: Brian Michael Flanagan/The Gallery Players
Director: Neal J. Freeman
Associate Producer: Amanda White
Music Director: David Fletcher
Assistant Music Director: Lilli Wosk
Choreographer: Katie Pettit
Set Design: Ann Bartek
Costume Design: Megan Q. Dudley
Lighting Design: Ryan Bauer
PSM: Emily Rea
ASMs: DaVonne Bacchus, Becca Oursler

Illustration by Hunter Kaczorowski


Millie Dillmount - Alison Luff
Miss Dorothy Brown - Amy Grass*
Jimmy Smith - David Rossetti*
Trevor Graydon - Andy Planck*
Mrs. Meers - Justine Campbell-Elliott
Ching Ho - Roy Flores
Bun Foo - Jay Paranada
Muzzy van Hossmere - Debra Thais Evans
Alice – Megan Kane
Gloria – Lorinne Lampert*
Ruth – Jill Sesso
Miss Flannery – Katie Kester
Male ensemble: Ryan Finley, George Papas, Drew Pournelle, Frank Sansone
Female ensemble: Rebecca Dealy, Kristin Donnelly, Angelyn Faust, Lauren Kay

*appears courtesy Actors’ Equity Association

The Band: David Fletcher (drums, keyboards), Lilli Wosk (piano), Brittany Anjou (keyboards), John Kramer (trumpet), Rose Imperato (clarinet, sax), Jessica Egan (flute), Haran Barak (banjo/guitar), Dennis Michael Keefe (acoustic bass).

(Click image above to go to the Gallery Players' website.)

I'd love to see you there!

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Home for the Holidays with Granny Tuckaberry

Please come check out our stupendously fun family cabaret show, "Home for the Holidays with Granny Tuckaberry".

Join grinchy Granny and the spirited Tuckaberries for an evening of jingle-belling, dreidel-spinning, and figgy pudding!

Friday, December 12 and 19 at 7:00 pm and Saturdays, December 13 and 20 at 7:00 pm.

All performances are at ART/NY's South Oxford space, 138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn.

And in honor of this show being my first foray into juggling onstage, a short video:
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IJA Festival

I attended my first International Jugglers' Association Festival last week.  I suppose it was my second juggling festival - the first was the smaller (but still awesome) Juggle This! in Brooklyn in March.  Access photoset through this portal (I assure you, I won't have any more photosets for a while after this, *chuckle*):

Most of my IJA commentary accompanies the photos over on flickr, but I do want to say that one of the highlights of the trip was learning about Causal Diagrams, a notation system Martin Frost developed around twenty years ago to depict club passing patterns.  Here's a simple example (4-count):

Cool, huh?
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When I started juggling in January (I believe my first day of learning three-ball-cascade was January 26), I said I wanted to be passing clubs by July. It was an ambitious statement. I'm not sure I believed it was possible at the time.  Part of me thought I was willing myself into believing I could do it.  And y'know what?

It is possible! I can't wait to keep practicing. Here's a nine-second (always leave 'em wanting more!) clip of me passing clubs with neilfred and rubrick last Thursday at the IJA festival (this video is also on YouTube, but flickr automatically sets the resolution at a higher quality).
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